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After years operating in the French and Belgian Hip-Hop and Dub scene as producer/sound engineer, Nico alias "Dub Nukem" has founded Studio Tao Productions in 2019.

He has been mixing and mastering for artists such as Axizzle, Malik, Duo d'en bas, Meis, Le Carré, Soin 777, Negrodiox, Nostalgik, Kijana, 1Fame, Ladislas, Tetoun, Woogui, Mehdi and more.

His mindset is to offer better custom services to a wider range of artists and multimedia content creators.

Aware that the music and sound industry is always moving fast, he is constantly looking for different sonic approaches and new techniques for mixing and mastering.

To get the best of both worlds, he uses a hybrid combination of digital and analog equipment, getting a modern sound balanced with the warmth and color of some classic gears.

He now also specialises himself in creating unique and original sound design for many different projects, such as sonic branding, video games and movies.

Studio Tao Partners :
Yofeyoga Logo
Slasher Logo
Justo The MC
studio ktk
Darkness Music

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